Six Years

In 2014 I published an annviersary post because my blog just turned 3 years old. Well, its been another 3 years (well… more or less) and not much has changed. After I started to study physics and then computer science at university, I became sidetracked pretty quickly and focused on other things for a while. For the remainder of my studies I hope to change that once again.

I am relaunching my blog today (almost 6 years after the initial release) and also changing the structure a bit:

  1. The old Numb3rs section on my blog was removed and the articles are now included as regular blog posts.
  2. I split up the old Portfolio section. One half was moved into the About section and the other can be found under the new Projects section.
  3. Furthermore I also removed the Hire section since I am planning on creating a separate website for my consulting business CW Technologies.
  4. Last but not least I have created a new Research section to highlight some of the papers I have published so far. Hopefully will be publishing more in the future.

Let’s see, if my plan works out this time 😉

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” — Benjamin Franklin


By Cecil Wöbker

I do science during the day and develop or design at night. If you like my work, hire me.

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