WunderX Technologies

Co-Founder and CTO
Industrial Edge Analytics:
Edge is coming.



Open Source contributor for a MIT collective intelligence platform. Used by the Climate CoLab.

JK 17

Event application for a student consultancy conference in Munich.
25 years of BDSU.


An application improve your diet. Smart & easy to use. Georgia Tech Convergence Innovation Competition: 2nd place winner

For the CDTM Center Venture 2016 we created an innovative roomate matching portal to simplify the apartment hunting experience.

Quadcopter Autopilot

We developed a framework for automatic drone control as part of the 2016 Joint Advanced Student School in Russia.

Magic Touch

Apple Watch application that helps factory workers to perform better. Developed as part of the iPraktikum for Siemens Corporate Technoloy.

Hack the Hotel

A smart hotel mobile application for hotel of the future. Developed as part of the iPraktikum for Siemens Corporate Technoloy.


An artificial intelligence library for abstract board games. Makes it easy to play against computer opponents.


Como is a simple tool that automatically collects information about your battery. This information can be accessed online at any time.

Online Courses
Specialization (5-courses)

understand the key computations underlying deep learning, build and train deep neural networks, apply it to computer vision, NLP, art generation, translation, etc.


principles and algorithms hedge funds and investment professionals use to maximize return and reduce risk in equity portfolios



simple website screen shots


an anagram solver that can help you with scrabble


a sudoku solver



Logic, Mathematics, Physics and Paradoxes.

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Relo is a simple, lightweight and extensible Search tool and framework for Python. It is distributed as a single script relopy and a library that can be used in other python apps.

{ cwoebker/relo }


Pen is a simple and lightweight note program that can be used from the command line. It can be used on all systems that offer a command line interface via a single script pen.

{ cwoebker/pen }


Just some other random stuff:

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