Pen: Terminal Notes

pen is a minimalistic note taking app for the command line.

What is this?

With pen you can have notes everywhere. At least on every Unix machine. What makes it special is, that it is ‘only’ a command line application. Therefore you can even run it on a headless server. Pen has a minimalistic interface and notes can be added and grouped in a simple manner.

pen preview


It is as simple as:

$ pip install penpal

Unfortunately pen was already taken.


pen all - List all notes recursively.

pen create <list> - Create a list.

pen delete <list> (<note>) - Delete a list or note.

pen help - Displays pen help

pen help <command> - Displays help for a command.


pen stores all its data, zlib compressed, in the file ~/.pen. You are free to do whatever you want with the data in that file, its yours after all.

You can also change the path of the storage file:

pen path <new_path> - Either prints the current storage path or sets a new one.

So go out there and hack some code!


  • Minimalistic and simple note editor.
  • Automatic saving when closed.
  • Create lists to group notes.
  • Put the storage file wherever you want. (Supports Dropbox & co)

Source Code

Status unavailable

Pen is open source. BSD licensed. Check out the code and contribute.

By Cecil Wöbker

I do science during the day and develop or design at night. If you like my work, hire me.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter or email me with any questions.