There are many issues in the World. One of them I feel somewhat strongly about especially in times like these were some resources can be scarce. I am talking about Inefficiencies. The kind of decisions that are irrational to follow and do not seem to have been made via logical reasoning. Here is a collection of such things that are either inefficient or I simply don’t understand. If its the former lets laugh at them together if its the latter help me find an answer.

Rental Car Keys

Question: Why do some Rental companies give you two keys?

When I travel I sometimes need a vehicle so I can drive around wherever I am in the world. Rental Cars are the most common way of solving this problem. But for some reason they often give you two keys locked together. The driver now has to carry two keys. I was trying to come up with reasons for this and two ideas came to my mind:

  1. The Rental Car Company wants to charge you double for loosing the keys.
  2. The Rental Car Company wants to give you an extra remote key in case the battery in one of the others runs out. (But one wouldn’t need the extra normal key)
  3. Feel free to comment if you know why

Solution: So, it turns out that this one is not the Rental Companies fault. If you buy a car it always comes with two keys. It is just easier for the rental company to always keep the keys and the car together than to have the spare keys stored somewhere else, especially since the cars often move from one city to another.

By Cecil Wöbker

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