Cecil Woebker Technologies

Freelancer, Developer & Consultant for firms across Munich.

Quantified Code

Full-stack Pythoneer. Helping people write better code more quickly with data driven code quality management.


iOS and Backend Development for a Munich startup that is connecting people globally.

Academy Consult

Munich's student consultancy connects students to companies so they can apply their studies to the real world.


Summer Intern with Quality Management & Testing (2011) and iOS Development (2013)



I go to college here in Munich. I study Physics during the day and do Computer Science at night.

Stanford University

Spent the summer doing math and computer science. Also, Fountain Hopping.

Worcester Academy

I went to high school in the United States, met many cool people and got to do some interesting things.



An artificial intelligence library for abstract board games. Makes it easy to play against computer opponents.

Map not found Como

Como is a simple tool that automatically collects information about your battery. This information can be accessed online at any time.


Logic, Mathematics, Physics and Paradoxes.

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Dead till summer

Relo is a simple, lightweight and extensible Search tool and framework for Python. It is distributed as a single script relopy and a library that can be used in other python apps.

{ cwoebker/relo }


Pen is a simple and lightweight note program that can be used from the command line. It can be used on all systems that offer a command line interface via a single script pen.

{ cwoebker/pen }


Some small tools and web applications I developed over time.


Just some other random stuff:

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    • Crawler/Downloader for the Boston Big Picture Archive